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800W Continuous Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Continuous Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The operation interface is user-friendly, easy to understand and powerfu The beam quality is good, and the electro-optic conversion effic-iency of fiber laser is high, which can be as high as 25%,very low energy consumption Stable performance, long service life, basically maintenance free High depth width ratio, small weld width, small heat affected zone, small deformation and welding speed Optical fiber output, can be freely matched with all kinds of medi-um-sized platforms, manipulators, assembly lines high matching of working environment Configurable shaking (swinging) head, ordinary head
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Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method which uses high energy density laser beam as heat source.

The welding process belongs to the heat conduction type, the laser radiation heats the workpiece surface, and the heat on the surface diffuses through the heat transfer guide. By controlling the width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency of laser pulse, the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool. Laser welding is a new type of welding method. Laser welding mainly aims at the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts, which can realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, seal welding, etc.

With the following characteristics:

 1.  It has high aspect ratio, small weld width, small heat affected zone, small deformation and fast welding speed;

 2.  The weld is flat and beautiful, and there is no need to deal with or only simple process after welding;

 3.  The weld has high quality and no porosity, which can reduce and optimize the impurities in the base metal. the microstructure can be refined after welding. The strength and toughness of the weld are at least equivalent to exceed the base metal;

 4.  It can be precisely controlled, the focus light point is small, it can be positioned with high precision, and it is easy to realize automation;

 5.  Welding between some different materials is possible;


 1.  Using the British imported ceramic condenser, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, for 8-10 years life.

 2.  HD CCD monitoring system, the welding condition is clearly visible to avoid outflow of defective products.

 3.  The energy distribution of welding spot is uniform, with the best spot needed for welding characteristics.

 4.  Servo drive workbench speed is 2-3 times of 0.02mm, escort for precision machining.

 5.  Laser welding can be used for spot welding, butt welding, overlay welding and sealing welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts. 6. It can customize special automatic chemical fixture to realize mass production of products.

Application Area:

Suitable for welding connecting pieces of new energy lithium battery packs.

Can weld aluminum-aluminum, aluminum-copper, copper-copper and other materials.

Suitable for welding connecting pieces, tabs, poles, explosion-proof valves, bus bars, etc.