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Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine

Ultrasonic tube sealers convert electrical energy into mechanical vibrations to join metals. The ultrasonic tube sealing machine process eliminates the use of glue and allows the thermoplastic parts to bond themselves. As a result, ultrasonic tube sealers are the fastest and most reliable way to seal all types of tubes.

The copper tube welding machine system uses a one-step operation to crimp, seal and cut electrically charged copper and aluminum tubes at lightning speed. The ultrasonic tube sealer can seal copper and aluminum tubes up to 12 mm long and is designed to optimize safety, efficiency, and productivity in hazardous environments.

The ultrasonic tube Sealing process is used for high-volume automated production, mainly for sealing copper tubes for refrigerators, air conditioners, and other equipment, and for sealing and cutting copper and aluminum tubes for vacuum devices. Sealing with the ultrasonic tube sealer welding requires no melting, short sealing times, and no fluxes, shielding gases, or fillers. No change in material properties and no contamination during the sealing and cutting process.

XIAOWEI is a quality ultrasonic tube sealing machine manufacturer and supplier, offering a high-performance ultrasonic tube welding machine system. 

Ultrasonic tube sealing machine equipment has stable performance, can be customized for automated production lines, high production efficiency suitable for mass production in factories, suitable for a variety of different materials, different tube diameter, tube thickness material sealing and cutting, a wide range of applications.

Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine

XW ultrasonic tube sealing machine is used for gas-tight welding of aluminium and copper tubes used in refrigeration circuits. The process is mainly used in the refrigerator and air conditioning industry. The ultrasonic welding system can also be used in large series production and is suitable for automated production with the aid of robots.
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XW ultrasonic systems hermetically seal copper and aluminum tubes. A one-step operation crimps, seals and cuts off charged tubes in under one second. Systems are suited to automation for high levels of efficiency and productivity.


1.Ergonomic, light-weight design for operation on the assembly line
2.Patented, quick change tooling with multiple weld surfaces for low cost operation
3.Automatic process monitoring ensures each seal falls within preset quality limits of weld power, time and final height
4.Automatic tube measurement to assure proper placement of tubes within the tooling
5.Weld-to-height mode to compensate for tube material variations
6.Various tube sizes may be sealed in any sequence through automatic setup of weld parameters

Working Principle

The ultrasonic welding process converts electrical energy into mechanical vibrations causing the metals to join. In the ultrasonic stack, the converter transmits the energy through the booster causing the horn to vibrate. The converter is made up of piezoelectric ceramic disks that expand and contract at the same frequency of applied electrical energy. The booster increases or decreases the amplitude of the vibrations to provide the optimum amplitude for the material, size and type of assembly.


XW ultrasonic metal tube sealing systems use a one-step operation to crimp, seal and cut off charged copper and aluminum tubes with lightning speed. The machine hermetically seals copper and aluminum tubes up to 12mm and is designed to optimize safety, efficiency and productivity in hazardous environments. Applications include sealing charged tubes used in refrigerators, air conditioners, bulb temperature sensors and capillary tubes.


1.Handle &Start Button
*Rubber handle
*Big size
*Convenient button
2.Lifting Eyebolt
*High strength
*304 stainless steel
3.Welding Horn
*High performance die steel
*Durable and stable performance
*Support various non-standard customization
4.Cooling fan
*4.3&7 inch touch screen
*High-power fan
*Stronger cooling capacity
*Long working hours


Package & Shipping

Usually, we use PP film and wooden case for packing. Complete sets of equipment for the production line can be packed according to individual requirements to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during transportation.

After Sales Service

One year warranty with lifetime support
We will guarantee the quality of the machine, and perform a second test on the machine before leaving the warehouse to ensure that each set of equipment runs well, and provide long-term after-sales service to 100% customer satisfaction.