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Xiaowei's battery coating machine helps you create powerful batteries

Battery coating machine is an important tool for making safe, high-capacity and high-performance lithium batteries.

Xiaowei has years of experience making machines for battery factories. We know that the coating process is super important for lithium batteries production. It affects how much energy the battery can store, how quickly it charges and discharges, how long it lasts, and eve­n how safe it is. That’s why we work hard to build the best electrode coating machines possible.

With advanced equipment and expert support, Xiaowei can help battery manufacturers create amazing products. Whether you’re doing lithium ion battery research or making batteries for sale, we have the machines and knowledge to meet your needs.

Achieve optimal battery performance with precision coating machines

Xiaowei’s lithium battery coating machine, through direct drive technology to modify the motion control system of the coating machine, is designed to provide precise and uniform coating application. By ensuring consistent coverage and thickness, our machines help to significantly improve the accuracy of the coating machine and improve the quality and capacity of lithium battery production.

Versatile solutions to meet different coating requirements

We provide a comprehensive range of lithium battery coating machines to meet different production needs, Manual research type, continuous automatic type, heating type, etc.

Coating method is divided into:

  1. Transfer coating machine;
  2. Doctor blade coating;
  3. Slit extrusion coating;

Whatever your specific coating needs, our machines can handle a wide range of battery materials. From traditional cathode and anode electrode coatings to advanced solid electrolyte coatings, we can ensure optimal performance in the various lithium batteries you produce.

Reliable battery electrode coating machine manufacturer

The lithium battery coating machines we produce have quality and reliability that exceed the peer level. Our machines are carefully designed and manufactured using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure consistent performance and minimal downtime. By implementing strong quality control measures, you can trust that each electrode layer production will achieve the highest standards of accuracy and uniformity.


The steel roller in the coating machine is a key component that affects the coating accuracy. To improve the density and accuracy of the electrode and reduce the defective rate of the electrode, it is necessary to accurately control the movement of the steel roller, reduce the error value, shorten the acceleration time and achieve position locking.

At the same time, our lithium battery coating machines are carefully designed to be seamlessly integrated into your existing lithium battery production line, compatible with front and rear production equipment (such as Slurry Filtration machine and battery roller press machine), simplifying your operation and improving productivity. This means that you can use our coating machines with confidence without worrying about the impact of other equipment in the lithium battery production line coming from different manufacturers.

With good equipment compatibility, intuitive control and advanced automation functions, our machines minimize human intervention and reduce the risk of errors, thereby improving the capacity and efficiency of lithium battery production.

Customizable Battery Production Solutions

As the leading domestic supplier of battery manufacturing equipment, we understand that every lithium battery manufacturer has unique requirements. Therefore, we provide solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a specialized coating configuration, material handling system or integration with an existing lithium battery production line, our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a solution that meets your exact specifications.

Fully realize the potential of lithium battery production with our advanced coating machines. Contact us now to purchase advanced battery coating machines to optimize the production process level of electrodes, help you improve production efficiency and product quality, while significantly reducing the production cost and failure rate of lithium batteries.


The coating machine applies electrode slurry evenly on metal foils. It then bake­s them to create positive­ and negative battery parts. It works by using a roller that rotates to spread the slurry. The­ gap between the­ roller and scraper is adjusted to control how much slurry gets applied. Next, another roller or pressure roller transfers the slurry to the foil’s surface. Controlling the­ coating thickness is crucial during this step to achieve­ the right weight specified.

Besides making lithium-ion battery electrodes, the­ coating machine finds use in fuel cells, solar cells, semiconductors, and other applications. Its ability to evenly coat materials on surfaces make­s it highly versatile across industries.

An inconsistent coating thickness across the electrode’s length impacts battery capacity. If the­ front, middle, and back sections have uneven coatings, it can lead to over or undercharging. This compromises quality and shortens the battery’s lifespan, so meticulous control during coating is essential.

Battery coaters can be categorized as squeegee, transfer and extrusion according to the type of construction. Squeegee type is mainly used in laboratories, while extrusion coating is mainly used for high-end 3C batteries, power batteries and energy storage batteries.


If you have any questions during new energy battery production, you can contact xiaowei at any time and xiaowei will give us professional answers.