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High quality battery materials supplier

As a new energy battery manufacturing expert, Xiaowei is fully aware that top-notch battery materials are of great importance on the lithium battery production industry chain. we provide higher power, longer life high-quality battery materials and customized lithium battery manufacturing technology assistance for companies. for more than 20 years, we have been positively evaluated and recognized by battery laboratory research and battery production.

We continuously invest in the R&D of battery materials to ensure the high performance, stability and reliability of our materials while reducing production costs to better create value for battery manufacturers!

Battery Material Supply

We provide advanced battery material solutions. Our materials range from traditional battery materials to the latest battery materials, which can meet the research and production of a variety of new energy batteries.

Xiaowei provides a variety of new energy battery materials:

  • Solid-state battery materials: Solid-state battery materials represent the future of battery technology. These revolutionary materials not only improve safety and energy density, but also eliminate the risks associated with liquid electrolyte leakage.
  • Electric car battery materials: Our high-performance ev battery materials not only increase the energy density of the battery, but also facilitate fast-charging capabilities.
  • Sodium/lithium ion battery materials
Cathode materials for lithium ion batteries

It has an important impact on the performance and characteristics of the battery, which is mainly made of lithium cobaltate, ternary materials, lithium iron phosphate and other materials.

Anode materials for lithium ion batteries

Responsible for the important role of storing and releasing lithium ions, the usual materials are graphite anode, artificial graphite, silicon carbon anode, etc.

Battery electrode

Provide high performance battery electrode sheets to save your battery production line manufacturing cost.

Battery tabs

Metal conductors developed and manufactured specifically to meet the performance needs of lithium ion battery manufacturers.

Battery Separator

The material used to isolate the positive and negative electrodes in lithium-ion batteries is one of the key inner structures of the cell.

Electrolyte solution

We can customize a variety of electrolytes based on a specific formulation or your battery manufacturing system.

Battery current collectors

Provide battery materials, such as nickel and copper foils, that meet the performance needs of lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

Battery jelly roll

Provides safe, high performance battery jelly rol

More other materials: 

  • graphene powder;
  • Battery Conductive Materials;
  • Battery Binder;
  • Battery casing material;
  • Battery Analyzer

Xiaowei is one of the leaders in the field of lithium ion battery materials in China. With advanced technology and excellent R&D capabilities, our battery materials have unparalleled competitiveness in the market.

Creating value for lithium battery manufacturers

Our lithium ion battery materials development and supply process is tailored specifically to the requirements of lithium battery manufacturers, R&D labs, and electric vehicle companies.

Material selection is one of the key determinants of lithium ion battery performance. Selecting battery materials with excellent cycling performance will be foundational in creating long-lived lithium ion batteries; choosing poor cycling performances means producing batteries with poorer overall performance that’s hard to compensate for with process improvements alone.

Xiaowei will significantly improvement the cycling performance of your batteries with innovative research and production of suitable cathode, anode materials and electrolytes – giving your company core competencies for battery manufacturing.

Battery Material Specialists with Continued Innovation

With strong R&D capabilities, our experts specialize in designing customized battery materials according to each individual customer’s individual requirements. From designing high energy density batteries for electric vehicles or solid state batteries with enhanced safety features for solid state applications – our custom solutions help your products stand out in the marketplace!

Our li ion battery materials have been engineered to maximize both performance and cost-efficiency, using innovative material design processes that help customers reduce production costs without compromising quality or market competitiveness.

At battery manufacturing experts, we go further than providing top-quality materials by also offering extensive technical support services. Our team of specialists are on hand to optimize battery designs, streamline production processes and solve various production-related technical issues to help ensure our materials reach their fullest potential.

We invest heavily in researching advanced technologies such as high performance graphene-enhanced materials and silicon anode materials – giving your product an early technological lead and providing significant competitive edge benefits as a result of it! By teaming with us, you could become the first company to implement them into its products for maximum competitive edge and added market advantage – while benefitting your own.

Our eco-friendly recycled battery materials not only reduce raw material costs, but can also bolster your company’s environmental responsibility image and set industry benchmarks while complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. With this closed loop solution available today, setting industry standards can become easier while meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations is made a lot simpler than before!

As one of the premier battery material suppliers, we take great care in maintaining quality in every lithium battery materials we supply. Our global supply chain network ensures an uninterrupted stream of materials so your production runs without interruption from shortages or quality fluctuations impacting production plans.

Our lithium battery materials have high energy density, long cycle life and excellent thermal stability, which can significantly improve the overall performance and safety of the battery.


1)Cathode materials

Common types include lithium cobaltate (LiCoO2), lithium manganate (LiMn2O4), lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) and ternary materials (NCM/NCA).

2)Anode materials

Mainly graphite or graphitized carbon materials, but also use silicon, lithium titanate, etc.


Composed of lithium salts (e.g. LiPF6, LiBF4) and organic solvents (e.g. carbonate, acrylate).


Usually made of polyolefin materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

5)Current collector

Positive electrode usually uses aluminum foil, negative electrode uses copper foil.

These materials together constitute the basic structure of lithium battery, and their performance and combination directly affect the overall performance, life and safety of the battery.

Anode materials account for 20%-30% of the production cost of batteries and are the key factor in determining the performance of lithium batteries. With the development of technology, new materials such as high nickel ternary materials and lithium manganese iron phosphate are becoming the main development direction to improve energy density and economy.

The best battery material at present is lithium metal, which is the smallest density and the most active metal among the known elements, and has the advantages of high energy density, long life, high efficiency, environmental protection, and wide operating temperature range, etc. It is one of the most advanced and widely used battery materials.

Lithium batteries cannot be manufactured without the four main materials: anode material, cathode material, separator and electrolyte, in addition to other parts such as packaging.

Yes, Xiaowei not only provides the materials required for lithium battery manufacturing, but also provides the necessary production equipment and technical support for professional lithium battery manufacturing. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience, we can provide one-stop battery manufacturing services to help you build a high-efficiency, high-productivity lithium battery manufacturing plant.

Our MOQ varies depending on the specific material, but typically ranges from 100-500 kg. We can discuss flexibility for long-term partnerships.

Standard lead time is 4-6 weeks after order confirmation. For urgent needs, we offer expedited production at an additional cost.

Yes, we provide comprehensive MSDS and detailed technical specifications for all our materials. These documents can be sent immediately upon request.

We hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949 certifications. Our materials also comply with REACH and RoHS standards.

Certainly. We offer small quantity samples for evaluation. Standard samples are provided free of charge, with shipping costs covered by the customer.

Yes, we have R&D capabilities to develop custom formulations. We require detailed specifications and usually a minimum order quantity for custom products.


If you have any questions during new energy battery production, you can contact xiaowei at any time and xiaowei will give us professional answers.