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New Energy Battery Production Line - Xiaowei

As an expert in the field of New Energy Lithium Battery manufacturing, Xiaowei has more than 20 years of experience in battery material research, testing and battery manufacturing.

We mainly provide our customers with lithium battery manufacturing equipment, including coating machinesbattery roll presses machineElectrode cutting machines, laser welding machines, battery testers, various battery assembly lines and so on.

Of course, we also provide intelligent manufacturing solutions for the entire battery production line. The main production lines include:

  • Coin cell battery making machine;
  • 18650 21700 32650 4680 etc.Cylindrical cell battery R&D (Laboratory Research and Production) line;
  • Pouch cell battery (polymer battery) R&D (Laboratory Research and Production) line;
  • Electric vehicle battery production lines;
  • Xiaowei latest advanced technology: Solid state battery production.

In order to meet the customization needs of different customers, we can provide professional design and construction suggestions for the entire battery production line, helping you realization of high quality and high production capacities in lithium battery production while improving efficiency.


We specialize in the research, development and sales of battery technology manufacturing processes and equipment, and can customize, layout and match the right high quality equipment for your production needs and workplace, especially for solid state and electric vehicle battery production lines. We work closely with Chinese automotive companies in their ev battery production, such as BYD, Geely, SAIC Motor, Changan Automobile, Great Wall Motor and others.

Lithium battery production process

The production process of lithium batteries is divided into three stages: “Front stage, Middle stage, Final stage”.

  • The Front Stage Process is to process the battery raw materials into electrode, and the core process is coating, rolling press process;
  • The Middle Stage Process is to process the battery electrode into unactivated battery cells;
  • The Final Stage Process is testing and packaging, and the core process is formation and capacity separation.

In general, according to the lithium ion battery production process, it can be divided into front, middle and back production, and each stage requires different equipment to achieve its function. 

Xiaowei has rich experience. When customers give us their battery requirements, we can configure the most suitable production line and solution.

Flexible and customizable battery production line

In recent years, the rapid growth of the lithium battery market has been amazing, especially the expansion of styles and production capacity. In the face of this trend, Xiaowei has been actively investing in and developing special equipment for lithium batteries with strong manufacturing capabilities to meet customers’ needs for multi-type lithium battery manufacturing and production capacity.

battery hospital - xiaowei new energy

Building a customizable and flexible battery production line is Xiaowei’s advantage. We create a complete line solution for lithium battery production lines by designing the equipment required for each process before, during and after the lithium battery. The delivery of the entire line not only improves the production efficiency and output of lithium batteries, but also facilitates the rapid changeover of multiple types of batteries. Compared with the equipment compatibility issues that need to be considered for splicing lines, our complete line equipment has smooth front-end and back-end process interaction and good compatibility, which means that you can easily change the type of battery produced. For example, the conversion of coin cell, cylindricalpouch cell, prismatic cell and solid-state batteries (Lithium-ion battery | Sodium-ion battery), you only need to replace the equipment in the middle of the production link to achieve the rapid transformation and mass production of the entire battery production line, which is economical and efficient.

In addition, we also provide intelligent lithium battery production equipment, which is extremely beneficial for most lithium battery manufacturers who are in urgent need of entering and realizing rapid expansion of production. If you are interested, please contact us. As a professional battery manufacturing equipment supplier, we will customize the lithium battery production design based on your needs and production line technology to help you quickly put into production and generate profits.


Xiaowei’s innovative battery trial production and analysis service – Battery Hospital, can meet your research and experimental needs for battery materials and customize the development of different battery production equipment. We provide a one-stop solution, including the design, construction, quality control management and acceptance delivery of the entire test line, to help you quickly build an economical, high quality and high production capacities battery production line.

Build a high-quality battery production line

Battery production machine is one of the key factors that determine the quality and safety of the battery making process.

As a one-stop intelligent battery production equipment manufacturer and supplier, Xiaowei is committed to building high-quality battery production lines. We have many years of design and construction experience in the supporting construction of new energy factories and lithium-ion battery production lines, and we have successful cases in many countries around the world.

Build A battery production line - Xiaowei new energy

We will match reasonable workshop layout design and suitable battery manufacturing equipment according to your different battery manufacturing needs. Whether you need a pouch cell or a cylindrical cell, a solid-state battery or a car battery, you can get high-quality battery production equipment. We use digital indicators to continuously optimize the structural design of the equipment to improve the stability of the battery production process, so that the battery manufacturing equipment from Xiaowei has a good quality pass rate, and even the average level has reached more than 95%.

This is definitely a perfect way for you to save time and money. If you want to quickly build high-quality lithium battery production and research and development. 


Different types of batteries have different corresponding production line prices. Solid-state battery and electric vehicle battery production lines are more expensive than other types of battery production lines. In a whole battery production line, in terms of the cost investment of a single device, the coating machine accounts for about 30%, the winding machine accounts for about 20%, and the activation and capacity detection equipment accounts for about 20%.

Yes, the market size of battery cells will reach hundreds of billions of dollars in the next few years. This is a huge opportunity! To achieve rapid profitability in the lithium battery manufacturing business, you need to find a battery manufacturing equipment manufacturer with stable production capacity and high battery quality qualification rate. Xiaowei happens to be your ideal choice. We can customize and design a whole high-quality sodium or lithium ion battery production line for you.

  • Front stage equipment: mixer, coating machine, dryer, roller press, slitting/cutting machine.
  • Middle stage equipment: winding/stacking machine, welding machine, sealing machine, assembly machine, electrolyte filling machine etc.
  • Final stage equipment: formation cabinet, capacity dividing machine, battery tester

We are a professional manufacturer of turnkey solutions for lithium battery and sodium-ion battery equipment. We have more than 20 years of production advantage experience in projects. cylindrical batteries, pouch cell batteries, prismatic cell batteries, button batteries, solid-state batteries and electric vehicle batteries are all the battery production lines we mainly provide.

Xiaowei factory technical team knows how to make batteries. The lab equipment strengths are cylindrical cell, pouch cell, prismatic cell, semi-solid state batteries, solid state batteries. We have developed laboratory equipment suitable for dry coating (Dry process electrode).

Don’t worry, Xiaowei provides quality control and acceptance of high-quality equipment, and the debugging and matching of equipment will definitely satisfy you. 100% good service, plus the original battery hospital detection can help you quickly and accurately find the equipment failure point. With our outstanding professional industry experience and capabilities, you can easily eliminate the fault and continue to produce quickly.


If you have any questions during new energy battery production, you can contact xiaowei at any time and xiaowei will give us professional answers.