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    100*100mm Pouch Cell Lab Line In India

    Project Description

    Project Name: 100*100mm Pouch Cell Battery Laboratory Line.

    Date: 2023/09

    Location: India

    Description: In 2023, A lithium battery research institute in India purchased a pouch cell battery laboratory production line from Xiaowei. The customer gave a specific size requirement of 100*100mm. (It is not convenient to disclose the battery materials).

    The customer has some experience in lithium battery research. We completed the project handover online. After the project was confirmed, Xiaowei’s equipment was sent to the customer. Xiaowei provided all the operation videos and accessories replacement, and patiently answered the customer’s equipment questions.

    Now more and more new energy battery research institutions provide them with operation videos, so that they can assemble and complete the production of lithium batteries by themselves.


    This project was completed by Xiaowei online. The following pictures were shared by the customer after he assembled it himself.


    After Xiaowei determined the battery size that the customer needed to research, Xiaowei quickly made a research plan, provided a complete set of equipment, and completed the connection with the customer online. The customer successfully completed the construction of the experimental line and began to study

    Xiaowei’s solution:

    1. A set of equipment for making 100*100mm pouch cell battery;

    2. Online communication and video provision as well as various equipment operation issues;

    3. Equipment/accessories replacement.

    Equiment ListNumber
    Planetary ball mill1set
    Planetary mixing machine(1L)1set
    Vacuum drying oven1set
    Flatbed coating machine1set
    Rolling press machine1set
    Tube furnace1set
    Viscosity Tester1set
    Stacking machine1set
    Electric die-cutting machine1set
    Aluminum film punching machine1set
    Hot press machine1set
    Ultrasonic spot welding machine1set
    Liquid injection machine1set
    Pouch cell (vacuum) sealing machine1set


    Finally, the customer successfully established an experimental line and shared his laboratory with us.
    Thank you for choosing Xiaowei, which allowed us to establish an in-depth and long-term cooperative relationship.
    In the future, we will respond to and solve customers’ technical problems in a timely manner to ensure the safety of their research.


    If you have any questions during new energy battery production, you can contact xiaowei at any time and xiaowei will give us professional answers.