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    India Lithium Pouch Cell Lab Line Case

    Project Description

    Project Name: Laboratory Pouch Cell Battery Line.

    Date: 2018/10

    Location: India

    Description: In 2018, an energy company in India purchased an entire pouch cell battery laboratory line from xiaowei. Xiaowei quickly established a complete lithium-ion pouch cell battery laboratory line for the customer (materials, research equipment, and testing equipment), to protect customers’ battery laboratory research.
    Xiaowei’s project manager (jinny chan) discusses projects with customers and provides on-the-spot guidance.

    Completed the installation and debugging of all equipment in 1 week,
    To date, we still cooperative contact with our customers, providing them with battery materials and after-sales support.



    This is the first time for the customer to come into contact with new energy lithium battery laboratory research equipment.  They no production experience in new energy batteries. Based on Xiaowei’s suggestions on battery research, the customer chose the pouch cell battery Laboratory line for lithium battery research.
    Xiaowei’s technical team provides one-to-one guidance with customers until the customer can independently complete the research and production of pouch cell batteries.


    Xiaowei’s solution:
    1. Provide the plan for the entire laboratory line;
    2. Give the best strategy for material selection;
    3. Provide on-site guidance to customers on installation and commissioning;
    4. After-sales support.

    Equiment ListNumber
    Planetary mixer machine1set
    20L vertical drying box1set
    Aluminum plastic film forming1set
    Coating machine2set
    Die cutting machine1set
    Electronic balance1set
    Roller Press1set
    Single station glove box1set
    Slitting Machine1set
    Ultrasonic spot welding machine1set
    Lamination machine1set
    Edge trimming machine1set
    Pouch cell sealing machine1set
    Chemical composition tester1set


    Thank you to the customer for choosing Xiaowei, which allowed us to establish an in-depth and long-term cooperation.

    This is the first laboratory project of Xiaowei to be implemented on site together with the customer.
    Thanks to our customers for their warm hospitality, the Xiaowei team had a pleasant and unforgettable trip in India and visited the local customs
    Xiaowei accumulates production experience from project to project to provide customers with more professional project support.