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Manufacturing of lithium-ion cylindrical batteries

Manufacturing of lithium-ion cylindrical batteries

01 Aug 2023

Manufacturing of lithium-ion cylindrical batteries

The composition of lithium-ion cylindrical batteries mainly includes positive/negative electrode plates, separators, electrolytes and conductive agents,ect.


The manufacturing process of cylindrical batteries can generally be divided into three stages:
      The first stage is to complete the production of positive and negative electrode plates. The process route includes pulping, coating, rolling, slitting, slicing, and die-cutting, and related equipment such as mixers, coating machines, roller presses, slitting machines, slicing machines, die-cutting machines, etc.


       The second stage is to complete the manufacturing of the battery cells. Specifically, the fabricated (positive and negative) electrode plates are assembled in an orderly manner with membranes and electrolytes. The process flow includes winding, liquid injection, and packaging, and the equipment involved mainly includes winding machines, liquid injection machines, packaging equipment, etc.


       The third stage is to complete the packaging of the battery. After testing, sorting, and assembly, a safe and stable lithium battery product is formed.Which mainly involves charging and discharging motors, testing equipment, etc.


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