300-500℃ High Temperature Vacuum Oven

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300-500℃ High Temperature Vacuum Oven

Item No.: XW-D2-K8;
Application: Battery materials, battery electrode drying treatment;
Warranty: One Year warranty with lifetime support;
Order(MOQ): 1 set;
Payment: T/T,Western Union, Paypal,L/C;
Product Origin: China;
Lead Time: in stock or 1-10days,ect;
Note: XIAOWEI factory supports OEM.

 Products Description 

Scope of application: It is suitable for drying and various constant temperature adaptability of various products or materials and electrical, instruments, instruments, components, electronics, electricians and automobiles, aviation, communications, plastics, machinery, chemicals, food, and hardware tools under constant temperature environmental conditions. test.

 Technical Parameters 

Control method microcomputer instrument
Power supply voltage 380V 50Hz
Temperature control range room temperature +30℃-400℃
Temperature resolution 1℃
Temperature fluctuation ±2℃
Input power 8500W
Inner tank size (mm) 900 (length) * 900 (width) * 900 (height)
Loading mesh 2 pieces
Timing range 0-9999 minutes


  • LCD microcomputer intelligent PID temperature controller displays multiple sets of data, menu-based operation interface, simple and easy to use, and accurate temperature control with small fluctuations;
  • It has functions such as temperature correction, over-temperature alarm, timing setting, call recovery, and parameter memory;
  • The self-developed air duct circulation system is adopted to automatically discharge the water vapor inside the box, eliminating the trouble of manual adjustment;
  • The outer shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is spray-coated. The inner tank is made of high-quality stainless steel. The four-corner semi-circular arc design is easy to clean. The distance between the shelves in the box is adjustable;
  • The insulation material between the working room and the outer box is made of glass fiber insulation material. The thickness of the insulation layer is thickened. The insulation effect is good and the heat loss of the inner tank is small;
  • The design between the studio and the outer box is reasonable and the double-layer sealing design reduces the loss of heat sources;
  • The door seal is made of ceramic fiber, which is resistant to high temperatures, anti-aging, and has a long service life, ensuring long-term high-temperature and efficient operation of the equipment;
  • The box adopts a circulating air duct. The fan is composed of a multi-blade centrifugal fan and a circulating air duct. The stainless steel electric heating pipe heat source located in the box supplies air to the working room through the air duct. After circulating in the working room, it is inhaled through another air duct. Circulating hot air is formed to achieve uniform temperature in the working room;
  • Using stainless steel armored electric heater, it heats up quickly and has a long life.