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Imported hard carbon (5um)

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Imported hard carbon (5um)

Item No.: XW-EN-AN-0010;
Application: Imported hard carbon (5um);
Order(MOQ): 1 set;
Payment: T/T,Western Union, Paypal,L/C;
Product Origin: China;
Lead Time: in stock or 1-10days,ect;
Note: XIAOWEI factory supports OEM.

 Products Description 

Flake graphite belongs to natural graphite and is obtained by purifying mined natural graphite. It is mainly used in the preparation of graphite anode, graphene, expanded graphite, and lubricants; it cannot be directly used as a negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries.

Hard carbon capacity testing process suggestion: Rest 4h, 0.2C DC to 0V, 0.1C DC to 0V, 0.01C DC to 0V, 10μA DC to 0V, rest 3 min, 0.1C CC to 2V.

 Technical Parameters 

Item Unit Value
Average Particle
Size Dv50
um 5*
Specific Surface
Area SSA
m2/g 7
Average Interlayer Spacing doo2 nm 0.38
Crystal Grain Size Lc(002) nm 1.1
TrueDensity g/cm3 1.48
Item Unit Value
Particle size D10  μm 2
D₅0  μm 5
D90  μm 10
Dmax um 22
Compacted density(Tap)     3
(Reversible Capacity) mAh/g 290
(Efficiency) % 85

Half battery testing recommendations:

Active material content(Loading) 95.5%]
Electrode treatment Assemble the front electrode and bake
at 105°C for 4h
Surface density 2-4 mg/cm2
Electrolyte Sodium electric electrolyte(KLD-NC06)
Coin cell case model CR2032
Spring model 15.4*1.1mm(funnel spring)
Gasket model CR20 gasket -16.1*0.8mm
Sodium anode elecgtrode model 15.6*0.45 mm
Separator model Fiberglass isolation membrane GF/D
Open circuit voltage 2.70


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