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Lithium Cobalt Oxide (high voltage type) – 4.35V

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Lithium Cobalt Oxide (high voltage type) – 4.35V

Item No.: XW-EN-CA-0006;
Application: Lithium cobalt oxide (high voltage type) – 4.35V;
Payment: T/T,Western Union, Paypal,L/C;
Product Origin: China;
Lead Time: in stock or 1-10days,ect;
Note: XIAOWEI factory supports OEM.;

 Products Description 

1. This product has been mass-produced for many years, and its maturity is very high.

2. Good processing performance, very suitable for mass production and scientific research.


  • lithium cobalt oxide, single crystal structure, high specific capacity, surface modification coating, suitable for 4.35v high voltage, large and small particle mixing, high compaction density, and good cycling performance;
  • Good processability, stable commercial production, and stable quality;
  • Widely used in high energy density products such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets;
  • onvenient for research on flexible packaging and snap-in batteries.

 Technical Parameters 

D10 (um) 5.131
D50 (um) 16.282
D90 (um) 30.319
Gram capacity (mAh/g) 165
Gram capacity power-off test conditions 25℃ 0.1C 3.0~4.35V
Specific surface area (m2/g) 0.24
Vibration density (g/cm3) 2.87

Physical Property:

Component Content (%)
Li 6.99
Co 60.28


1. Storage condition: sealed at room temperature;

2. Shelf life: 2 years from the production date.


If you have any questions during new energy battery production, you can contact xiaowei at any time and xiaowei will give us professional answers.