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Trustworthy Glove Box Manufacturer

Whether the glove box can provide a reliable and safe operating environment is crucial to the research and development and production of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium metal is highly oxidizing to water vapor and oxygen. Therefore, only by packaging the electrolyte and the battery cell core together in a low-humidity environment can high-quality batteries be produced.

Xiaowei is committed to manufacturing durable, high-quality glove boxes. The excellent airtightness and air purification technology can meet the strict requirements of the lithium battery operating environment, automatically monitor all states of the system, provide accurate experimental data, and achieve an efficient, reliable, and stable production process.

A quality glove box manufacturer for you

High-quality glove box manufacturers have strict requirements for product quality control, reliability and performance. Xiaowei is such a strict and reliable company. We have many years of experience in the field of glove box manufacturing, using materials such as stainless steel, inert gas and gas purification system to ensure the quality of the equipment. And we have won many awards from industry authorities.

Xiaowei has innovatively developed high-quality glove boxes with a leakage rate of less than 0.001vol%/h, which greatly improves production and operation efficiency, and also strengthens the reliability of high-purity inert atmosphere, providing the operating environment required for battery development and production.

A glove box manufacturer that can be tailored for you

Xiaowei can provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether it is a single-station, double-station, multi-station glove box workstation, functional requirements or appearance design, our team of experts can provide you with the best glove box solution with professional experience. Each customized solution is carefully designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality and precision requirements. If you are also looking forward to customized glove box equipment for you, please feel free to contact our professionals.

Safe and reliable glove box equipment

During the manufacturing process of lithium batteries, water may cause the electrolyte to decompose and affect the performance of the battery. Water will also react with positive and negative electrode materials, so when filling the battery, it is required to be carried out in a glove box with very low moisture content. The glove box can only be taken out after the filling is completed and sealed.

Our glove box is designed to provide a safe and controllable environment for lithium-ion battery production. It combines a stainless steel structure with an inert gas purification system to ensure that the working space is clean, pollution-free and low-humidity (an environment with extremely low water and oxygen concentrations), providing reliable tools for industries such as battery manufacturing and the semiconductor industry that require a controlled environment to handle sensitive materials.

[The reliability of the glove box is very important. Inaccurate data, soaring water and oxygen content, and poor sealing will affect your battery research and development and testing. Xiaowei’s customized glove box can fully meet your research and development needs, provide a stable and reliable operating environment, ensure accurate water and oxygen detection data, and let you say goodbye to anxiety! ]


A glove box workstation is a controlled environment system that allows materials to be manipulated in an inert atmosphere. These workstations are commonly used in industries such as lithium-ion battery production and thin film technology. They provide a sealed environment with controlled oxygen and moisture content to ensure the integrity of sensitive materials. Especially for lab glove box and glove box chemistry applications, the requirements are even more stringent.

Xiaowei has been committed to achieving cost-effective, simple to operate, reliable and stable inert atmosphere solutions, which can bring further liberation of intelligent productivity to various industries. Our glove boxes can be widely used in ultra-pure environments without water, oxygen and dust, such as lithium-ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, supercapacitors, laser welding, material synthesis, OLED, MOCVD and other fields. It also includes biological applications such as anaerobic culture, cell hypoxia culture, etc.

In the customized production process of glove boxes, Xiaowei uses advanced manufacturing processes, special materials such as conductive polymers and advanced coatings, and ergonomic designs that improve comfort and performance. In addition, some glove box models also add antibacterial or antistatic properties for added protection.

We have laboratory type small glove boxes, standard L1200mm * H1950mm * W750mm size glove boxes, and glove box lines for battery assembly.

When it comes to quality glove boxes for various applications, our company is a trusted manufacturer that provides top-notch products to meet various needs. Whether you are engaged in manufacturing, laboratory research, or other industries that require high operating environment requirements, our wide variety of glove box models will definitely exceed your expectations.

It is about 18,000 to 30,000 US dollars. The price difference mainly depends on the gas purification system of the glove box. It is essential to maintain a clean and controlled environment within the glove box workstation, providing enhanced protection and efficiency for sensitive manufacturing processes.


If you have any questions during new energy battery production, you can contact xiaowei at any time and xiaowei will give us professional answers.