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Laboratory Small Vacuum Mixer

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Laboratory Small Vacuum Mixer For Lithium Battery Electrode Slurry Mixing


1 The Small vacuum mixer is and laboratory vacuum mixing machine designed to produce coating slurry by mixing small batch of chemical and compound under vacuum to remove gas bubble and protect sample from oxidation.

2 This vacuum mixer is with build-in pump which can vacuum the mixing container to -0.08Mpa and the step- less mixing speed at 320rpm. So we don’t need to connect with vacuum pump separately.

3 The vibration plate is located at the bottom to remove gas bubble before vacuum mixing and disperse the slurry after mixing.

4 It is excellent for preparing battery electrode paste and various ceramic materials in research lab.

Technical parameter


Vacuum mixer MSK-SFM-7

Voltage Input

Single Phase 110VAC or 220VAC, Customized



Power plug

Supply with required power plug according to different country

Rotary Speed

320 rpm

 Mixing Container

One 250ml acrylic container

50/125/500ml stainless steel container is optional

Mixing blade is built in top of cover of container.

Vacuum pump & Vacuum Level

Built in single stage vacuum pump

Vacuum Level: -0.08~0.09 Mpa

Vibration Plate

Vibrating at 1000 HZ

Dimensions (L*W*H)

13''L x 12''W x 21''H, 330*310*510mm

Shipping Dimensions

16''L x 19''W x 24''H, 420*500*600mm

Net Weight

70 lbs, 30kg


CE certified

Application Notes

Please note that the main duty of this product is to remove the bubbles from the slurry

during the wet mixing stage.

For the best mixing uniformity, please select our professional Vacuum mixer

system or vacuum planetary disperse mixer system


One year limited with lifetime support

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