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5 Things You Need To Know About Automatic Lock Screw Machine I

5 Things You Need To Know About Automatic Lock Screw Machine I

19 Aug 2021

An automatic screw fixing machine is automated equipment that can replace manual screw locking. With the increasing production cost and labor cost of enterprises, manual labor is gradually being replaced by automatic screw machines. And now automated screw fastening machine is widely used in the automated assembly line. In this article, we will tell you what goes into automated screw fastening system.

1. How does Screw Fastening Robot work

A screw Feeding System is an ideal tool to assist human workers. The automatic lock screw machine is designed to pick, drive, and fasten the screws automatically. The screw driving machine has a screw feeder which helps to align the screws to the required location. Screw feeding system can feed smaller-sized items, such as rivets, screws, and nails.

And the screw driving arm is fixed and the component is moved towards the fixture where it can fasten the screws. And a movable arm moves towards the component to fasten the screws. Noted that the items should be transferrred along the track and their supply speed should be controlled before they are fastened.






Power supply

AC 220V 50/60HZ

Screwdriver torque


To order

Moving speed


Air pressure


Position accuracy


Program capacity

999 groups/1000 points per group

Universal screws


To order

Work efficiency


Percent of pass









To order












To order



To order

Work environment

Temperature: 5-40   Humidity: 20-90%


2. Parts of the automatic lock screw machine


● Core Accessories

Use Automatic Lock Screw Machine from xiaoweizn as an example, 7 core accessories of this machine are Italy lartey synchronous belt, mean well power, professional custom motor, Hiwin guide rail, screw, slider, closed loop servo motor, self-developing model material and red wave button switch. 





● High precision stepper motor - lock screw trajectory accurately


● Blowing Type Feeder - Orbital adjustable, fault alarm function




● Single Chip Card Control System - Three-dimensional linear interpolation/circular arc interpolation





3. Benefits Of Screw Fastening Machine


● The auto-screwdriving machine accomplishes the assignment based on the preset operations, which enables a high consistency in fasten results.


● The screw fastening machine can increase the production efficiency and output, so as to optimize the production capacity of the assembly line.


● This machine can reduce labor and time consumption with its high production efficiency. This automated screw fasten machine can reduce the requirement of the manpower and the most important thing is that they can work consistently without taking a break. With this screw locking machine, you can raise the speed of the operation and finish more jobs at the same time.


● This machine can guarantee the scope of inconsistencies and errors. It adopts sensors and fixed angles to make sure that the screws are fastened correctly, so as to ensure the high accuracy. Moreover, it can help to fasten the screws with diverse lengths and diameter heads.


● With the multifunctional screw locking machine, we can streamline the assembly line. Labor consumption is reduced the staff can be assigned to finish more productive work.


● The most significant function of this screw locking machine is that it can check the fastening status of the screws. For example, some screws have not gone in straight or haven't been tightened all the way to the bottom.

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