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Lithium battery production process- China supplier

Lithium battery production process- China supplier

11 Jul 2023

Lithium battery production process

The Electrode process includes rolling, coating, drying and cutting, winding is to roll or stack the positive anode and negative cathode electrode cathelectrode with a diaphragm between them to make a pole group, assembly is to put the pole group into the case and then inject the electrolyte.

1.It is the electrode active material, binder, solvent, etc., mixed together, fully stirred and dispersed to form a slurry. Prepare the positive and negative electrode materials, aluminum foil, copper foil, electrode active materials, binders, solventsetc., and mix them together, using the vacuum mixer provided by us to fully stir and disperse to form a slurry. Here, if it is a laboratory customer, the powder procesing will be 1200℃ Electric Splite tube Furnace  , then ground in a planetary centrifugal grinder ball mill , and then stirred.

2.The slurry prepared in the first step is evenly coated with the specified thickness on the collector current (aluminum foil or copper foil, etc.), and the solvent is dried. At this time you will use our coater coating machine equipment, our coater has laboratory coater, production line coater.

3.The produced electrode plate is cut to the specified size and shape. Cutting machine, roll press machine, die cutting machine.

4.Assemble the positive and negative electrode sheet and diaphragm together, and form the pole core after completing the adhesive. Laminating machine, winding machine, casing machine.

5.Put the electrode pole core produced in the previous step into the aluminum-plastic film that has been punched, and complete the top sealing, side sealing, etc. (but also leave a mouth for liquid injection) to form a soft pack battery without liquid injection. Aluminum-plastic film forming machine, top sealing machine, side sealing machine, top side sealing machine.

6.The specified amount of electrolyte is injected into the soft pack cell. Of course, the cell should be baked and injected in a low humidity environment vacuum oven, vacuum standing box, and too much water content is not good. Pipette piepet tips or we can that chemical dropper. supply BioMate Power pette Pro Controller Levo Plus Pipette Filler Electronic Pipettes with Displayable digit.

7. The gas inside the battery cell is extracted and sealed in a vacuum environment. You need to get to the glove box, Lithium battery test system channel with Laboratory 8 channels, production line 512 channels, 128 channels and so on.

8. Finally, the auxiliary machines required for each type of cell production are different, and the battery capacity and voltage produced by different material systems will be different, so it is recommended that each customer make clear the battery type, battery capacity, size, voltage, material system and so on when asking for the machine. In this way, we can provide our customers with the most cost-effective and customer-appropriate machine solutions.

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