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Pouch Cell Production Line

Automatic Pouch Cell Production Equipment Line For Li Ion Battery

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Automatic Pouch Cell Production Equipment Line For Li Ion Battery

Structure of batteries
Pouch cell production line flow chart:


Detailed procedure

Equipment Name

Main Features


Raw material baking

Vacuum oven

450L, 3 layers, separate control


Anode material mixing

Vacuum Mixer

30Liter; mixing speed:0~70rpm; dispersion speed: 0 ~ 3800 rpm

Cathode material mixing

30L vacuum mixer(basic model)

30Liter; mixing speed:0~70rpm; dispersion speed: 0 ~ 1400 rpm


Anode coating

Slot die coating machine

300mm width, drying oven length: 6m, coating speed: 1~5m/min, slot die coating

Cathode coating

Small automatic coating machine

film applicator coating, 280mm coating width


Anode rolling press

Hydraulic controlled hot rolling press

Roller size: φ300*400mm; heating temperature: rt~120℃

Cathode  rolling press

Hydraulic controlled rolling press

Roller size: φ200*330mm, without heating function


Anode cutting

Automaitc die cutting machine


Maximum material width: 360mm
Die cutting speed: 18000p/h


Cathode cutting

Semi-automaitc die cutting machine

Suitable battery size: within 200*200mm


Electrode stacking

Single Work Station Automatic Stacking Machine

about 20 cells/hour, maximum stackable size: 190mm L*150mm W

Pouch Cell Automatic Layer by Layer Stacking Machine

maximum stackable size: 200mm L*200mm W


Tab welding

Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder

2000W, 3600W, 4000W

Case forming

Case forming

Automatic forming machine


Semi-automatic forming machine

Suitable battery size: within 150*150mm


Edge sealing

Top& side sealer

Automatic, maximum sealing length: 200mm

Manual, maximum sealing length: 200mm

Electrolyte filling&pre sealing

Automatic Electrolyte Filling Machine

Automatic vacuum injection, vacuum diffusion and degassing , shaping, automatic vacuum sealing; suitable cell size: 160mm L*120mm W

Diffusion and degassing

Diffusion & Degassing Chamber


Air Inflation Time: 0 - 99.99 sec
Vacuum Condition Hold Time: 0 - 99.99 sec

Cell core press

Hot/Cold Press Machine

Pressure range: 0 ~ 500kg adjustable; Heating temperature: 20~150℃


Hot Press Pressure Formation Machine

5V5A 128channel

Final sealing

Three-Station Final Sealer

Sealing time adjustment range: 1s-30s

Final Sealer

one cell one time


Charging and discharging

Battery Tester For Charging And Discharging

512 Channel 5V6A

Overview diagram of the production line: