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About Our Company

GUANGDONG XIAOWEI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent equipment design, production and sales, providing mechanical engineering technology design and consulting services, electronic engineering design and consulting services. We are committed to the research and development of new energy equipment. Our main equipment is lithium battery production line (laboratory equipment, production equipment, battery pack equipment) & ultrasonic equipment and other auto-equipment.

  • Accreditation & Certifications

  • Advantage Service

    We have our own R&D department, have developing and designing team, which ensure our own technological and innovative machines for customer.
    For any customers who have new requirements about the machines, just let us know, we can customize the machine according to your idea provide a unique design of the equipment.
    For any customers who send us the sample, like batteries, nickel strips, we will test the samples on our machine, and send pictures and videos to show the testing results.

  • Over 12 Years Experience

    XIAOWEI's core team was established in 2010 and officially established in June 2014. XIAOWEI relies on South China University of Technology(SCUT), and the core team is composed of several doctors and masters from SCUT. After its establishment, it has been committed to the research and development of new energy equipment.





XIAOWEI's main products are battery production line machines, such as spot welding machine, battery sorting machine, battery sticking machine, battery capacity grading machine, battery charge and discharge aging machine, battery general testing machine, and so on. 

The main application areas are new energy lithium batteries, automobiles and other industries, Especially in the fields of new energy, automotive wiring welding and other fields, XIAOWEI has accumulated rich engineering experience and mastered a full set of core technologies, and can provide customers with a complete set of services from technology to equipment, helping customers to establish efficient and reliable production lines in the shortest time .


We are manufacturer, factory, so we have the ability of mass production. 

We not  onl y   sel l   mach ines,  but also provide one-stop solutions for our customers. Since we have 12 years of experience, we can quickly help customers build battery production lines. XIAOWEI has rich experience in lithium battery production line, and can provide customers with factory construction plans, production line establishment, raw material procurement and etc...

XIAOWEI working team and sales teams can guarantee a fast and high efficiency after-sale service for our machines sold to everywhere of the global, can provide online and on-site machine installation and operation training service.XIAOWEI provide all kinds of shipping methods , like sea shipping, air shipping, land shipping, express shipping.

So if have any question, just contact us any time at your convenience.   


If you interested any products, please contact with us.