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100L Double Planetary Power Mixer

Battery Process

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100L Double Planetary Power Mixer

Item No.: XW-100L-M;
Application: Double planetary mixing of battery materials;
Warranty: One Year warranty with lifetime support;
Order(MOQ): 1 set;
Payment: T/T,Western Union, Paypal,L/C;
Product Origin: China;
Lead Time: in stock or 1-10days,ect;
Note: XIAOWEI factory supports OEM.

 Products Description 


  • New energy: Lithium battery, connecting battery, EV battery, power battery, polymer ion battery (LiP), button button bubble, positive and negative electrode paste, etc.;
  • Paints and coatings: Silicone rubber, decorative paint, silicone sealant, ultraviolet curing adhesive (UV adhesive), anaerobic adhesive, hot melt adhesive, ink, etc.;
  • Adhesives: Thermal conductive silicone (silicone grease), foam glue, polyurethane, silicone, leather glue, underwear glue, etc.;
  • Food item: Chocolate, cake, chewing gum, jam, peanut butter, condiments, etc.;
  • Materials: Rubber, synthetic resin, polymer coating, polymer adhesive, polymer powder, etc.;
  • Medicines and drugs: Polymer gel, medical paste, ointment, Band-aid, medical cotton, dental supplies, etc.;
  • Electronics: Solder paste, electronic glue, etc.;
  • Beauty: Nail polish, facial mask paste, liquid foundation, etc.;
  • Other categories: Graphene, MLCC, ceramic paste, magnetic powder, titanium dioxide, printing glue, 3D printing paste, etc.

 Technical Parameters 

100L Double Planetary Power Mixer For Lithium-Ion Battery Slurry Mixing
Cylinder specification φ650*450
Design volume 149
Actual volume 100
Stirring power 7.5
Stirring speed(r/min) 0-120
Distributed powe 11
Dispersion speed(r/min) 0-3682
External dimension 2110*1265*2310
Weight 2500