Ø96*W100mm Horizontal Heating Roll Press Machine

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Ø96*W100mm Horizontal Heating Roll Press Machine

 Products Description 

The rolling material is placed horizontally by the roll, which is mainly suitable for the electric rolling of the electric pool material in the laboratory. The rolling thickness is adjustable and the operation is simple. It is especially suitable for thinning and increasing density of lithium battery plates of clean energy materials.

 Technical Parameters 

Ø150*W200mm Horizontal Heating Rolling Press Machine For Lab Research
Roller diameter Ø96mm
Roll width 100mm (customizable)
Roller hardness HRC62
Roller finish Ra0.4 above
Roller cylindricity s±2um
Rolling thickness  0 ~ 3 mm adjustable clearance
Roll placement horizontal placement
The heating tube is loaded into the center of the roll for internal heating
Two rollers independent heating control, two sets of heat control system
Rolling temperature room temperature ~ 130℃ adjustable, digital display value
Temperature control accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Operation mode electric
Voltage and frequency AC220V/50H2
Power 1KW
Feed speed 0 ~ 40mm/s, speed can be adjusted
External size L670mm*W220mm*H320mm
Weight 75KG

Product Features

  • The heating tube is loaded into the roll center for internal heating, and the inlet temperature controller is independent Temperature control, high precision temperature control;
  • Two rollers independent heating control, two sets of heating temperature control system, convenient for different temperature rolling;
  • Can be selected to work with or without heating;
  • Horizontal design, easy material feed rolling;
  • Roll hardness is high, and the surface is plated with hard chromium, hardness can reach HRC62 and rust prevention;
  • High rolling precision, cylindricity of roller s±2um;
  • The thickness and speed can be adjusted, and the appearance is exquisite and beautiful;
  • Electric rolling, forming automatic, reversible operation;
  • Small size, easy operation, flexible and fast use.