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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Item No.: XW-N-UMW;
Application: Used for welding between the tabs and electrode of the battery, the welding structure is stable;
Warranty: One Year warranty with lifetime support;
Order(MOQ): 1 pcs;
Payment: T/T,Western Union, Paypal,L/C;
Product Origin: China;
Lead Time: in stock or 1-10days,ect;
Note: XIAOWEI factory supports OEM.

 Products Description 

Battery Ultrasonic welding machine commonly used The laboratory battery research will use an ultrasonic welder to complete the welding of tab-tab, tab-electrode, and electrode-electrode. The ultrasonic mold welding head can be changed to complete the welding of pouch cell battery (tab-electrode welding) and cylindrical battery welding (cap-tab welding)

Ultrasonic welding machine is easy to operate, has a solid welding structure, and is stable and safe to use.

Ultrasonic welding principle: Ultrasonic metal welding machines(Battery Welding Machine) are used in the battery industry at 24.5-25.5KHz. The principle is to use the energy generated by ultrasonic high-frequency mechanical vibration to weld the same or different non-ferrous metal materials. During the welding process, no current is transmitted to the work. It does not input high-temperature energy into the work, but only performs cyclic vibrations on the surface of the workpiece at a high frequency of 24.5-25.5KHz, and applies corresponding pressure to the workpiece to form a solid combination between the workpieces to achieve the welding effect.

Automatic Ultrasonic welding machine technology in fully automated battery production line video.

XIAOWEI – About battery Welding Machine:

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  2. Ultrasonic Welding Machine
Ultrasonic welding machine for Lithium battery welding
ultrasonic welding machine for Lithium-ion battery welding

Pouch cell battery welding

Cylindrical Cell Welding Simple



  • Precision sliding bearings can ensure precise movement of the equipment and meet the best welding accuracy requirements;
  • The limit can be adjusted accurately to accurately determine the upper and lower welding positions;
  • The lifting speed of the welding head can be accurately adjusted;
  • Welding time (ultrasonic time) can be adjusted accurately;
  • The holding time can be adjusted accurately;
  • The power box can still maintain stable amplitude output even when voltage fluctuates;
  • Unique structural design effectively transmits ultrasonic energy to the welding head;
  • The overall operation is simple, the welding efficiency is high, and the welding quality is good;
  • Replaceable welding heads enable welding of various sizes;


 Technical Parameters 

Welding copper aluminum universal  
Working voltage AC220V/50Hz
Working air pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa
Ultrasonic frequency 20KHz (automatic tracking)
Power 2000W (adjustable)
Welding time 0~15s
Solder joint 5*5mm
Welding substrate Positive electrode: A. Aluminum foil 0.015-0.020mm B. Pure aluminum strip 0.1-0.2mm;Negative electrode: A. Copper foil 0.009-0.012mm B. Copper nickel-plated tape 0.1-0.2mm;
Welding layer  within 40 layers
Drive form pneumatic
Equipment weight about 60Kg
Control box size L360×W480×H200mm