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Ultrasonic Plastic Welding machine

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

High-quality ultrasonic transducer, strong power, good stability. Welding fast, each welding time only 0.01-9.99 seconds. Titanium alloy mold, for a variety of environments, difficult to damage. Compact design, small space. Low noise, good working environment. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, no distortion, no pollution, welding firm, and convenient operation. It can be accurately set and quickly adjusted parameters. Metal paint box, beautiful appearance, durable resistance to fall.



As a joining process for industrial thermoplastics, the ultrasonic method is very well proven in practice. Particularly in the production of mass- produced parts, the process offers definite advantage over previous methods such as for instance high strength,clean weld seams, fast processing time, extremely low rejection rates and low energy consumption. In addition, this technique can be used successfully for riveting, forming, stacking as well as embedding of metal parts into thermoplastic materials.

This Desktop High Power Ultrasonic Welding Machine adopts new generation of ultrasonic welding technology, which greatly shortens the processing time; a few milliseconds can complete the welding.


1.Rugged construction using the highest quality components provides superior performance precision and reliability.

2.Digi-Trac tuning automatically tracks the resonant frequency digitally.

3.Ultrasonic overload protection,with status indicator for ease of troubleshooting. The overload power limit is based on true RMS power output level.

4.Remote pneumatics availability offers increased flexibility in system integration

5.Line Voltage Regulation compensates for line fluctuations assuring consistent amplitude.

6.LED readouts display parameter settings - during setup and operation for easy reference and monitoring. LEDs are large and easy to read in most light conditions.

7.Hydraulic Speed Control offers precision hydraulic control of the melt velocity. This is critical to achieve maximum weld strength in staking, inserting and shear joint applications.

Working Principle

Ultrasonic welding machine is the use of ultrasonic generator to convert low current frequency to high frequency AC, then the same frequency of mechanical vibration by ultrasonic transducer.

Mechanical vibration transmitted to the ultrasonic welding joints by the amplitude modulator, the vibrational energy welding joints received transfer to the workpiece to be welded joint. In the region, the energy through friction converted into heat energy, to melt the plastic.

After vibration stopped, maintain short-term pressure makes the weldment on artifacts in molecular link way solidification as a whole.




Toy industry

plastic toys, water guns, aquatic life video game, children dolls, plastic gifts, etc

Electronic products

recording, audio tape boxes and core wheel, disk enclosure, board of mobile phone batteries and rectifier transformers, switches and sockets, remote control, electronic swatter, pseudo-imitation caps, etc

Household appliances

electronic clock, electric trumpeter hairdryer, steam iron water tank, electric kettle air-hsiang, computer, etc

Stationery, daily necessities

stationery, aquarium ruler, the raphe folder and shell, pen stand, cosmetics box shell, the end of the toothpaste tube seal, mirror, insulated cup, lighter, seasoning bottles sealed container,etc

Car, motorcycle

battery, front corner lamp, rear tail light, instrument, reflectors, automotive manual welding jacket, the car door welded baffle welding, automobile, car mats welding, automotive bumper repair welding, cotton insulation doors, seat wipers, engine cover, radiator cap spot, etc

The application of the sports industry

table tennis, table tennis bats, badminton rackets, tennis rackets, golf clubs, pool table, treadmill roller rope skipping handle stepper, treadmill accessories, box jumps, gymnastics mats, boxing gloves, boxing sandbag Sanda protective gear, the path to indicate the brand, the X Display Stand and other sports equipment, etc

The packaging industry

hollow crate welding, zip lock welded, etc

Trademarks industry

Mark woven belt, printed labels with spot welding positioning, etc

Garment industry

The procedure of underwear before sewing machine, welding braid and brace web, available for hot fix.


Package & Shipping

Usually, we use PP film and wooden case for packing. Complete sets of equipment for the production line can be packed according to individual requirements to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during transportation.

After sales service

One year warranty with lifetime support

Online support, Video technical support.

We will guarantee the quality of the machine, and perform a second test on the machine before leaving the warehouse to ensure that each set of equipment runs well, and provide long-term after-sales service to 100% customer satisfaction.





Input Voltage

AC 220/110V, 50/60 Hz


15 KHz

Output Power

2600 W

3200 W

4200 W

Welding Size

180*180 mm2

250*250 mm2

320*320 mm2




Air Pressure

1-7 bar

Welding Head Stroke

75 mm

Generator Type

Digital automatic frequency tracking, generator can be adjusted the output amplitude from 0% to 100%

Welding Time


Cooling Mode

Natural cooling


260 kg

290 kg

320 kg


L700*W400*H1500 mm

L960*W750*H1800 mm


One year limited manufacture warranty with lifetime support